What's your interview wait time?

What's your interview wait time?

"All the 3 rounds of #interviews, the average wait time was about 45 minutes" when she brought that stat out, I wondered, is Interview Wait Time (IWT) a metric worth measuring?
We already measure many things like time to hire, quality of hire (still fuzzy), cost per hire, and not to forget how many we hired.

Let us say #hr gave hiring managers a score on

1) The average time to respond to a CV
2) Time taken to allot an interview schedule
3) Number of reschedules per interview
4) Average waiting time per interview
5) Number of days taken to give feedback post-interview

Don't forget the numerous follow-ups in between to nudge for each of the processes to take place.

We do take post-hiring feedback on a scale of 10 on different parameters. But, the 'experience' of getting hired is often ignored when we get the salary, title, role of our choice, and some of us might be generous or forget things like wait time.
Let's do an average waiting time for an enterprise if they

a) Interviewed 4 people for every each hire
b) Recruited 200 people a month
b) Did 3 rounds of interview
c) Had an average wait time of 30 minutes

Thats 4 x 200 x 3 x 30 = 72,000 Minutes per month 🤐

IWT🤷‍♂️ is an unwanted acronym in an overburdened hiring system. Can we ask What's your Interview Wait Time?

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