Working from Home? What’s Missing?

Working from Home? What’s Missing?

Consider this as a regret note...

Some of us maybe are struggling with burnout of Working from Home as the boundaries have blurred further. But, has Working From Home also given some of us more time to reflect?

When you look back at the time in office, anything that strikes you that you wish had you done better?

One of the things that may have become a handicap in the remote working world is our "relationships."?

Yes, talent, hard work, creativity, productivity, or performance are what managers and organisations want from us. In our current remote avatar, we can probably demonstrate most of these. For a moment think about the many critical phases at work and how you navigated them in the past;

Decisions, buy-ins, breakdowns, conflicts & any new situations to state a few... Which was the most important influence to get through these tricky contexts besides authority? I observed it to be "relationships." People who had great relationships got things done, and some of us who sucked at it struggled.

Many situations I got myself out in the past have been less due to logic or creativity but more due to "relationships." Yes, people who have worked with me may remember the use of "power" too🤫. Power or authority is an easy tool and grossly misused to get things done, and maybe in the remote working world, it might come in handy. Moreover, we have to realise that most of us don't have the authority or power to get things done, and it takes time to get to some of those seats. The easiest hack to get things done when we don't have power is to use relationships.

Today sitting at home, I regret not having done enough to improve or initiate relationships with people when I was next to them. Do you feel the same when you struggle to get things done from home?

Having realised this whenever we get to go to offices again can we vouch for building relationships than vying for power?

I know I am asking for too much. Deep down, I hope you do believe in relationships at work and will do better on building them when you get your chance next time!

Else like me, get ready to write regret notes!

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