CV...Fast forward

CV...Fast forward

Let’s do some ‘time travel’

10 years from now, on a Monday morning, what will each one of us be doing?

Getting ready for your kid's graduation ceremony, trying to pacify your grandchild🤫 , or taking a stroll at Miami/Bondi or Udupi Beach💪. Some of us may be joining a new employer as it’s the first Monday after the previous salary, and we have to keep up with the tradition of changing jobs!  

That brings us to the present ‘tense’😬

When you quit your last employer, what was the reason, and when you quit your current job, would the reason be any different?

Think again,

You joined your current employer becoz...

  1. Work From Home
  2. The money was better 🙋
  3. Your Ex-Boss dragged you here
  4. Amongst the offers you had, this came first and looked better from the outside.
  5. First Job_Let me explore for a year or 2
  6. The Glassdoor reviews are better than the previous job
  7. You thought you were building something unique for yourself and for the company 🤩

Let's say now you wanna quit; the reasons may sound different: 

  1. Need to come to the office daily, relocation, OMG! I got another hybrid/remote job.
  2. No increments, don't know ki milega ki nahi, getting another offer with a 30% hike, ek aur saal set ho jayega.
  3. The boss doesn't seem to be friendly. (S/he was so nice while interviewing; after joining, they have been threatening with KPIs)
  4. No Recognition, c'mon, in a difficult market, we are working so hard.
  5. So many people are leaving, not sure where we are headed. Our team's numbers aren't looking great.

Now if you fast forward 5 years from now and imagine your CV, the reasons for leaving or joining may not change. But if every year or so, if these triggers act on you, the CV will definitely look like a Gig Worker. Now the question to ask ourselves is, do organizations hire people with such CVs, those who have been constantly on the move? 

Let us say after 10 years of work experience; you have worked in about 7-8 companies (at the rate some of the CVs look today); How would you describe your CV as? 

  • Somebody who has a variety of experience working in 8-10 companies
  • A professional skater or someone who has adapted to changes fast
  • No Claim to Fame (you can't take any employer's name, which you can call as you contributed)

However, the plus side could be that....

  • You would have got a 20% hike with every job change, which means moneywise you have moved.
  • If luck had your way and you had great managers on your side, you might even be working in a bigger brand as employers are recruiting for skills than stability, right?

The need to stay put and develop depth, experience different cycles of organisation evolution and gain the exposure that comes with that may soon be a passe!

Remember, " A rolling stone gathers no moss" 💪

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