Said but Unsaid?

Said but Unsaid?

When I got married my wife introduced me to the custom of पैर छूना (respecting by touching the feet of elders). Till that time my family was brought up with the mindset that we were high and mighty.

Similarly, are there unwritten/implicit rules at workplaces, something which is never laid out but supposed to be followed or told to comply with only later?

"He took leave & I wasn't even aware. I needed something from him", complained a peer. "Arrey, I told my boss. How many people should I tell?" the guy in question retorted when confronted.

 “My performance was appreciated at the Townhall, and hardly anyone from my team congratulated me.”

 “I know you applied for leave a month ago, but can you inform me just before you set off on vacation? I may have approved but won't remember when you are precisely proceeding on leave," says the boss

 "Can you turn on the "out of office" email notifications when you go on leave so that clients and colleagues don't disturb you and know when you are back?”

 "I joined the team today, and the Superboss did not even acknowledge me by an email/text or a call  welcoming me.."

 "Every time my boss calls me, s/he will ask, "kaam kar rahe ho, ki bahar ho"? the background traffic noise comes when I am standing on my balcony"

"I completed my 3rd/5th work anniversary but did not receive an acknowledgment from the founders."

 "You are introducing yourself, can you turn on the video please.."

 "If you are not attending a meeting, can you decline the calendar instead of keeping other attendees guessing?"

 "I come back after sick leave. The boss did not even ask, ab Kaise ho?”

 "I sent a goodbye email on my last working day, but I hardly got any response thanking me for my tenure here, such cold people, I tell you.."

 "For heaven's sake, it's a client meeting, not a party. Can you turn up in a formal blazer?"

 "Guess what, my boss asks me to make a tracker/report on Friday at 7 PM. It's Friday evening yaar."

I am going to stop here. I am sure you can think of hundreds of similar grey conversations/contexts, where you feel you are right and the other side feels equally right too! But then, at work, some things are common sense but not commonly exercised. 

Every organization/leader has nuances, and it's trial and error till you know what works and what doesn't!

The 'Unsaid' rules every conversation!

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