Outstanding talks about the importance of Training, and 46 more insightful chapters that highlight core principles and ideas applicable even in your personal life.


‘Outstanding’ gives you 47 ways to make your company exceptional! So, what else is new, you might ask? Trust me when I say that this book offers 47 insights into the “how” in a uniquely engaging manner.

I’m partial to how John Miller starts off the book. He relays the story of an email where Steve Chamberlain, an executive with Husqvarna, wrote this: “Do people fire companies? Yes they do!” The email went on to talk about how Chamberlain fired an airline that he had been flying with for years because of the attitudes and actions, (or non-actions) of the employees which suggested that not only did they not care, but it was obvious that they were not willing to make his experience a good one.

I could relate to the opening; recalling incidences throughout my employment where we sometimes fire customers for certain company values which we know will mean close to nothing if the partnership is NOT aligned to those values at their core.

A few of the 47 short chapters with titles that make each lesson crystal clear are:

  • Make No Excuses
  • Do What You Promise
  • Put People Before Policies
  • Seek No Culprits
  • Forgive Mistakes
  • Believe or Leave
  • Developing Manager

Importance of Training …and 37 more insightful chapters that highlight core principals and ideas applicable even in your personal life.
All said, even if you don’t get more than a singular take away after reading Outstanding, there is one which I guarantee you can’t ignore: you’d come to know that there isn’t a single organization out there that can boasts of doing all 47!