Knives Out

Knives Out is supposed to be a whodunnit, But, one needs to treat it like a black comedy than a thriller.

Knives Out

I don’t know why I chose to watch “Knives Out. Was it the star cast? No, not really, Daniel Craig isn’t a draw for me unless he is in a James Bond Avatar. Maybe some of the positive media reviews were subconsciously playing on my mind. So on a weekday in Mumbai, I had to pick the movie. I dragged a couple of my colleagues to watch Knives Out.

The first time I heard the title I thought Knives Out’ made for a beautiful corporate story. Doesn’t it? After all, in our daily work life, we keep talking about who is backstabbing whom. Even if there isn’t an iota of truth, we keep exaggerating about how people at work are conspiring against each other. We can't help but talk about others as soon as they leave the room. One scene in “Knives Out” plays out just like that. All the family members have an agenda or view against another; The way they articulate their opinions in front of the investigators makes you feel nostalgic about your workplace. That was my favorite part of the movie and brought a few smiles from me. I heard some loud chuckles elsewhere too.

Knives Out is supposed to be a whodunnit, But, one needs to treat it like a black comedy than a thriller. It’s not an edge of a seat thriller. The plot moves at a slow pace, and you need to be patient to get to the killer. Yes, the lack of a thriller kills you, or maybe that’s wasn’t the intent of the director!

One can’t ignore the star-studded star cast of Knives Out, though Daniel Craig, is an outcast. He doesn’t inspire nor shows the intellect required for the role. His semi-comic role doesn’t make you laugh either; his one-liners as 007 are more cheeky. Or maybe I am colored by his Bond image so much that I can’t appreciate him in other roles. Ana De Armas ( famous for Blade Runner, Knock Knock, or Hands of Stone) has the best character in the movie.

Jamie Lee Curtis (Remember True Lies?)is in an exciting role. Other than that, you do have Chris Evans (Captain America) to fill up for any glamour quotient you might want. I think anybody could have done that role!

I came out after 2 hours and felt I should have waited for its Netflix premiere. Knives Out is not a bad movie, but better watched on a small screen! I recommend you wait till then!

I felt much better for Daniel Craig after watching his new James Bond trailer  “No Time to Die”.

I think that’s where he belongs!